Rebounding BENEFITS

Rebounding offers a plethora of benefits for the body, mind, and overall well-being. One standout advantage is its time-efficiency; with the JumpSport® Fitness trampoline, the time-crunch excuse is hard to justify. Fitness research indicates that a mere 20-minute session on our mini-trampoline is equivalent to a 30-minute run. Interested in what makes trampoline workouts so beneficial? Here are the top 5 perks of rebounding that will inspire a fresh perspective on your exercise routine!

Top 5 Benefits Of Rebounding

  • Weight Loss

  • Cardio

  • Lymphatic System

  • Balance & Mental Health

  • Keep Your Body Young

Rebounding Is Great For...

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Weight Loss

Shedding pounds ranks high on the list of benefits, as achieving and upholding a healthy weight is a concern for many adults and increasingly, the younger generation. Rebounding is a holistic exercise, targeting every muscle, and optimizing the muscle-fat balance. Notably, it can reduce cellulite and rapidly burn calories. Engaging in this activity elevates your metabolism, ensuring calorie burn continues even post-workout. Plus, it aids in decreasing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Rebounding further bolsters digestion and waste elimination, factors pivotal to weight management. Ready to give it a try?
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When people see the term "cardio," high-energy activities like Zumba often come to mind. However, the core focus here is the heart—your essential life-support system. A lesser-kown advantage of rebounding is its abaility to fortify your heart. It aids in warding off heart disease by elevating lipids that collaborate with proteins to expel fat at the cellular stage. Furthermore, rebounding helps in reducing blood pressure, enhancing blood flow, and amplifying respiratory efficiency. By promoting muscle activity in fluid circulation, rebounding eases the burden on the heart, making it a prime choice for cardiovascular exercise.
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Lymphatic System

Rebounding offers profound benefits that resonate right down to the cellular and molecular makeup of your body. Numerous oncologists advise their patients to utilize rebounding, even post-remission, as a method to purify the lymphatic system. This system plays a pivotal role in eliminating toxins and is instrumental for maintaining good health. Furthermore, it bolsters the immune system. If you have a weaker immune system, your trampoline is there to support you!
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Balance & Mental Health

In the hustle and bustle of life, rebounding serves as a relaxing escape. It’s still exercise, but this invigorating activity not only boosts endorphins and vitality, it also paves the way for a restful night's sleep. Another merit of rebounding lies in sharpening mental acuity. It facilitates efficient oxygen circulation to various tissues, including the brain. This can be a game-changer for the entire family; research indicates that children with attention challenges can regain focus through trampoline sessions. Moreover, rebounding enhances equilibrium by honing the brain's connection to the inner ear. Integrate our PlyoFit adapter with your fitness rebounder, and you'll experience not only improved balance but also a fortified core and better coordination.
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Keep Your Body Young

It’s like a springing fountain of youth! Among the numerous benefits of rebounding is its ability to decelerate the natural wear and tear associated with aging. It also serves as a exercise which protects your joints, shielding them from the high0impact workouts often associated with plyometrics. Notably, rebounding stimulates the pituitary gland, promoting bone health and growth – an essential aspect for growing children. While many link rebounding with increased G-force, its holistic impact might be less known. Beyond the mentioned perks, G-force bolsters the musculoskeletal system, and its greatest effect is realized during the weightless moments of a jump.

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30 Benefits Of Rebounding For Mind, Body And Overall Health


  • Rebounding not only tones the body but also empowers the individual, fostering enhanced self-confidence.

  • It sharpens mental agility, facilitating more alert learning mechanisms.

  • Enhances coordination, harmonizing joint proprioceptors, optimizing nerve impulse transmissions to the brain, and boosting muscle fiber responsiveness.

  • Bolsters equilibrium, honing the brain's reaction to the inner ear's vestibular apparatus.

  • Acts as a mood enhancer, alleviating anxiety and depression through a surge in endorphin levels.


  • Boosts lymphatic flow by activating millions of one-way valves in the lymph system.

  • Decreases blood pressure, especially during moments of physical strain.

  • Augments digestive and waste elimination functions.

  • Elevates blood flow, widening muscle capillaries and bringing them closer to target cells.

  • Supports optimal body composition, regulating the balance between muscle and fat.

  • Safeguards joints from the wear and tear experienced on harder surfaces.

  • Facilitates the healing of tissues.

  • Provides a low-impact cardio exercise compared to the strain of running.

  • Expands lung capacity and breathing efficiency.

  • Boosts up metabolism, ensuring prolonged calorie burn post-exercise.

  • Contributes to heart health by raising good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol.

  • Fortifies the heart and bodily muscles.

  • Reduces overall cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations.

  • Mitigates chronic swelling by limiting blood pooling in the cardiovascular system's veins.

  • Subjects the body to increased gravitational forces, reinforcing the musculoskeletal structure.

  • Stimulates the pituitary gland, promoting bone health and overall growth.

  • Ensures effective circulation of oxygen to the tissues.


  • Paves the way for restful sleep and promotes relaxation.

  • Slows the aging process.

  • Enhances muscle function, aiding in circulation and thereby reducing strain on the heart.

  • Increase the number of mitochondria in muscle cells, crucial for building endurance.

  • Supports the body's alkaline reserves, invaluable during sustained strenuous activities.

  • Amplifies the body's immune defenses, reducing occurrences of colds, allergies, and digestive issues.

  • Offers relief from neck and back pain, headaches, and other discomforts linked to sedentary lifestyles.

  • Aids in returning high blood pressure to levels following high-intensity workouts.


Putting Mini-trampolines to the Test

“After learning common movements and getting comfortable on the mini-trampoline, the participants completed a monitored trampoline exercise session while following a routine designed by JumpSport. The 19-minute JumpSport exercise video featured motivational music and incorporated a variety of choreography and movements to create a full-body workout. Heart rates and VO2max were collected every minute and caloric expenditure was calculated from the VO2 data. RPE was also assessed every five minutes.”